Artist Management

We look to develop artists to their maximum potential, doing everything from servicing to major media companies, to getting bands in the right studio, with the right people.


Our consulting services emphasize branding and image creation as well as putting together your release structures, products and coordinating with PR.

Radio & Video Servicing

Radio Promotion: Terrestrial, Satellite, Internet, College, Active Rock and Metal.
Video: Our promotion team will get your video into the hands of the decision-makers.

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R.I.P. Vinnie Paul 1964-2018

Brian Ives shared a post to Loudwire's timeline.

Jon Wiederhorn looks back at Vinnie Paul's life.

Decibel Magazine

Decibel Magazine

HUGE Decibel announcement coming Monday. Stay tuned... #metalandbeer

Decibel Magazine

Decibel Magazine

Decibel is so rock 'n' roll that our editor in chief randomly bumps into Ian MacKaye while on vacation. #ianmackaye #fugazi #minorthreat #dischordrecords #hardcore #punkrock