Demo Submission

Please read before trying to submit any music for review. Although we truly thank you for your interest in Red Rocket Entertainment, we ask that you understand that in today’s market. Labels are not just looking for the next big hit they are looking for artists that are a low risk investment. So many bands out there still play at the local bars thinking a label rep is going to walk in and say you are awesome and you  deserve a deal. Well it doesn’t happen its alot of hard work to get a record deal.And if you happen to get a deal, the work only gets harder.The number one thing you can do is tour tour tour!!!!
Below you will find a list of requirements that you will need if you wish to succeed in today’s music industry. These are the things that we require.
1. Five song demo,standard quality.
2. Artists must be playing at least 10 -15 shows a month and must cover more 
than a 250 mile range from the artists hometown.
3. Artists must able to tour at a moments notice, having no obligations or restrictions that would hinder them from being able to tour for periods up to 30-60 days

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