Echovalve EP Review From

Echovalve – Echovalve EP
Red Rocket Entertainment

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4 Stars

The mainstream Rock scene is still producing bands here and there that I like and Echovalve is another one! If their EP, entitled Echovalve EP, is a true representation of what their next full length album will sound like, I’m really looking forward to hearing it! With only three tracks, it’s hard to choose a real favorite, but the one track that sticks out a little more to me is “Because of You” (Track 1). It just has an interesting feel that appeals to me a little more. The other two tracks, “Intoxicating” (Track 2) and “Too Late” (Track 3), go along with “Because of You” in their heaviness, but “Because of You” has some extra flair to it. Overall, Echovalve EP is a great EP and I suggest it to any fans of Rock music and I, again, can’t wait to hear their next full length!

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