Independent ReleaseRating: 8 Out Of 10

Reviewed by: Bam-BamAmazingly, the string of great bands with independently released CD’s continues to run throughout this world in a number that is just making me think that someone needs to just sign them all under major label funding with a label name, Sadly Overlooked Records! ECHOVALVE is probably the 7th band in less than a month that has managed to turn my ears on edge with incredibly produced, high-melodic content Active Rock that screams for well-deserved radio airplay! Currently touring with two bands that also meet that criteria (DAY MINUS 7 and EKO-TREN), ECHOVALVE has released this 3-song shot at the Golden Ring that surely will gain them fans across the board of the CHEVELLE, EVANS BLUE and CROSSFADE troupes. Opening with the very strong (and easily my favorite track)

“Because Of You”, the band shows that they could be a major label player with hooks aplenty and musical chops from hell (they actually LOVE to showoff the guitar solos!!!). Cool lyrics and melodically on track with what’s happening right NOW!
C’mon, major label suits…get your asses out to the clubs like you did in the old days and endure a dose of cheap beer and great music for a change. It might make you find the cure for the dead roaches (no pun intended PAPA ROACH) lying atop those untouched CD’s on your desk that you should be spinning like crazy to save your asses from your label dying off with all the rest of the boring bands atop the charts right now! I mean, how many more fucking NICKELBACK and THREE DAYS GRACE tunes can we stomach, for God’s sake? There is more incredible talent out there and if there are fans that continue to support it in this grass-roots form, don’t cha think there might be some money in this, you fucking lazy douchebags?

Man, don’t get me started…just support this by heading over to ECHOVALVE ONLINE to purchase their latest CD,

helloagaingoodbye! Very Highly Recommended!!!


06 Jun 2009 by Bam-Bam  –

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