EkoTren New EP Streaming at Tunelab.com & New 10 out of 10 Review Posted Away-Team.com

EkoTren’s new EP ‘The Confessions of Gladys White’ can now be streamed in its entirety  at TuneLab.com. The EP is available now and can be ordered from the band’s website.

Check out what Away-team.com had to say about the new EP:

EKOTREN The Confessions Of Gladys White E.P.
Independent Release
Rating: 10 Out Of 10
Reviewed by: Bam-Bam

Counting myself a huge fan of this Florida band’s first album, Light The Fire , I was equally as excited to hear this new E.P. when it rolled across my desk. While most people would consider EKOTREN a Metal band due to their intense live performances and ability to create a pit just from the mere mention of their name, a close look reveals that these guys are incredible, straight-ahead Modern/Active Rock songwriters. Confessions… is a nice, mixed bag of creative elements. First, you have the band’s MUDVAYNE-like intensity bleeding through the speakers thanks to singer John Sheldon’s quickshift vocal aeronautics, new drummer Frank Jargiello’s brain-rattling solidity and a stellar production job from one of my absolute favorites in the business; Mr. Paul Trust (ENDO, DIECAST, DAY MINUS 7). Second, the listener is left with no choice but to be consumed by a tag team of addictive melodic displays interspersed with bludgeoning musical brutality. Simply put, the guys can totally shred like a Metal band (which they do), but they also spark enough harmonic brilliance to sinfully lull the baby to sleep while stealing her candy. Finally, the band is filled to the rim with some of the sickest musical talent on each member’s respective instrument; there is simply no room in this camp for half-assed chops. These fuckers totally mean business!

Now, while I have no clue who the hell Ms. Gladys White is, I’m led to believe that the E.P. is somewhat of a concept piece, however I didn’t really catch any vibe as to which direction it might be headed or to whom I owed the thanks for my profuse headbanging! Color me impressed, either way! All four tracks are blistering from start to finish, but I have somehow picked up a major passion for the closing opus “The Light”. This one is great on many levels, not the least of which is it encompasses my love for the “stop-on-a-dime” heavy meets melodic savvy songcraft. For a limited time, you can click (HERE) and not only get the new E.P., but also a copy of their killer debut all for ONLY 10-BUCKS!!!. Trust me, I don’t want to sound preachy and judgmental, but if you don’t take advantage of this much good music for such a penance, you need to eat a couple hollow-points and quit breathing our air! Very, Very Highly Recommended as is their cool (MySpace Page) where you can check out some music for free and keep up with all the going’s on!!!

07 Dec 2009 by Bam-Bam

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