EkoTren “The Confessions Of Gladys White” EP Hits Metal Radio at #3

We are psyched to see EkoTren’s new EP  hit metal radio top 3 this week, only behind High On Fire and Bullet For My Valentine by a few adds, below are some of the stations that added the EP:

FMQB Metal Detector

#3 Most Added w/37 Adds

Debut #50 w/41 Spins

CMJ Loud Rock

#3 Most Added w/53 Adds


Sirius XM

Full Metal Jackie


Commercial Specialty

KEYJ Abilene, TX

KFLY Eugene, OR

KFTE Lafayette, LA

KRRX Redding, CA

KHTB Salt Lake City, UT

KIWR Omaha, NE

KJML Pittsburgh, KS

KROX Austin, TX

KZZE Medford, OR

WBYR Ft Wayne, IN

WCHZ Augusta, GA

WEDG Buffalo, NY

WHEB Portsmouth, NH

WKGB Binghamton, NY

WKLL Utica, NY
WLFE Burlington, VT

WOBX Nags Head, NC
WRIF Detroit, MI

WVBR Interlaken, NY
WXRX Rockford, IL

WYBB Charleston, SC


CILU Thunder Bay, ON

KCSU Ft Collins, CO
KKFI Kansas City, MO

KSJS San Jose, CA

WBGU Bowling Green, OH
WEOS Waterloo, NY

WGLS Glassboro, NJ

WKTA Rebel Radio Chicago, IL
WMPG Portland, ME

WORT Madison, WI
WSOU S Orange, NJ
WSUP Platteville, WI

WWSP Custer, WI

WWVU Morgantown, WV

WXCU Columbus, OH

WXOU Rochester Hills, MI

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