• Artist Management:The Personal manager has the most interaction with the artist and is generally the most important person in the artist’s musical life. Red Rocket Entertainment is involved in planning, coordinating and organizing the career of the artist. Red Rocket entertainment will play a vital role in counseling and advising the artist on all matters related to their musical careers. 


    • Consulting:Our consulting services emphasize branding and image creation as well as putting together your release structures, products and coordinating with PR. These services can go so far as to include pitching to record labels, establishing relationships with booking agents, local booking and connections with creative professionals. At the end of the day we are dedicated to facilitating artistic development. Email us to set up your consultation today…. 


    • Promotion Services:Red Rocket Entertainment promises not to be cookie-cutter. It’s a personal fit, made just for you. No two records or artists are alike – so, why should your promotional campaigns be? 


    • Radio Promotion:Servicing Terrestrial, Satellite, Internet, College, Active Rock and Metal… We employ professionals who can cover virtually any format. 


    • Video Promotion:Our promotion team will get your video into the hands of the decision-makers like the folks at MTV Networks and FUSE, as well as local and regional video outlets. 


    • Licensing & Sync:In the new world of the music licensing and sync opportunities are rapidly evolving into the best way for independent bands to make money. Getting your songs into TV, film and video games is our priority, it’s the sort of win win situation that we need to be looking for in an industry that often feels chaotic and intimidating.

    • Red Rocket Entertainment intends to stay lean and mean – we don’t take on too many projects at once, and by demonstrating that kind of temperance – we’re able to be focused on securing results. This also allows us to be quite agile. We can react quickly to a new opportunity for an artist, hopefully one we’ve helped to create for them. We have the flexibility to change course mid-stream, and that allows Red Rocket to put your artist’s music in the best possible position to perform and maximize its impact.